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Why a Mosque?
- A Sadhaqah Jariyah
- On behalf of you or your deceased loved ones.
- Reward a Place in Jannah.
- A gift that keeps on giving.
- Constant source of rewards on behalf of those who pray there.
- Can use as a Lecture Hall to educate young generations and to Teach and Memorize the Holy Quran.

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Mosque - Small
Male (Only) 8x6m
Ablution Area (Small)

Mosque - Medium
Male: 7x7m
Female: 5x6
Ablution Area (Medium)

Mosque - Large
Male: 12x20m
Female: 12x10m
Class rooms: 3
Toilet: 4
Imaam’s Apartment:
Rooms: 2 Rooms 4x6m
Toilets: 2 (Attached)
Kitchen 1: 4x3m
Ablution Area (Large)
Water Taps: 8 Taps
Toilets: 6 toilets

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